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During nov 1974 I made a diary entry describing Timor as a place which could be compared to paradise, little did I expect that Timor would be hit by a terrible war only one month later. Looking back I was lucky to have been able to visit Timor during normal times and that I was able to get out in time. At the time the road and transport system were extremely basic.Bitumen roads were nowhere to be seen except within the towns. The road Baucau to Dilli was a mere dirt track. Rivers had to be driven through as the bridges were all destroyed, i guess during the second worldwar and never restored. The "bus"was not a bus at all (although we had to obtain bustickets) but a truck with timber seats and a canvas roof.A rough but pleasant journey. The Timorese people were extremely friendly.

The road Baucau- Dili is but a dirt track serviced by trucks converted to busses.