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From Frankfort o/d Oder (bordercrossing) via all minor roads to Wrocklaw-Katowie-Oswichem (Auschwitz) Krakau and Zakopane

The main interest fduring this trip to vistit the Auschwitz- Birkenau concentration kamps - the beautifull city of Krakow (with the largest townsquare of Europe) and to ride south through the Tatra mountains

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City gate Krakau

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Performing arts , townquare Krakow

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Eat with the Poles-  kolbasa and sauerkraut

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The the Emalia -Pots and Pans factory of Oscar Schindler (Krakow)

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Entrance to the factory


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Overlooking the complex

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The Factory



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Oswiecim- (Auschwitz)



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A view from the tower in the centre buildin above the entrance to the camp 1944

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Same view 2005


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Inside the camp- siding for locomaotive to return- End of the track is in front of the gas chambers

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Memorial plaque in all european languages


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House style in southern Poland's Tatra mountains area