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Papua Niugini or PNG , The country that talks and writes in what they call Pidgen English. This language is a very simple and often an amusing way of giving a meaning to words in the English language. The pronounciation is simular to European languages. For example I saw a sign sayng "Bai Bia Hia" ( Baye Be-ah He-ah) it took me a few minutes to work out that it meant "Buy Beer Here", simularly a woodsaw or handsaw is a shovershegoespulhershecomes or Shover her she goed -pull her she comes.

One day when my 72 year old dad visted me from Holland I took him for a new experience to PNG. Un unforgettable two weekls travelled. from the fairly modern city of Port Moresby wall the way to Laigam over 7000 foot high in the central highlands. more about that later.