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In 1999, I visited Korea, I stayed in Seoul for a week, unfortunately I was there for work and as is usual for me, I focused on just that, however as I flew out on Sunday evening I had a chance to do some sight seeing on Saturday and Sunday in both Seoul and the surrounding area. From Seoul there is a bus which takes you to the DMZ, (demilitarized zone ) the border between North and South Korea. There seemed to be tension as always but most of it is overshadowed by other world events. The week I was there, some commotion about boats which where infiltrating from North to South Korea waters northwest of  Incheon. The border areas is an interesting place to visit. Several possible invasion tunnels can be visited. Below the the famous friendship bridge connecting both countries. This bridge is sometime featured in the news when yet another exchange of prisoners takes place.

Korean people are friendly and a pleasure to deal with, as always it pays to learn some of the customs before you visit. Korean food is very good, however it takes some getting used to the metal chopsticks they use everywhere..

It is forbidden to ytke pictures of the bridge, so iI asked if someone could take a picture of me, what a coincidence that the bridge is visible in the background