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arrival in Holland after 20.000 km asia trip

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These pages are for the purpose of providing information to:

BMW bike owners, long distance travellers, my family and friends and myself whilst on tour.

On the various pages you will find information and links about BMW motorcycles, countries with travel information plus interesting routes and a photo page

I live in Australia* in the city of Brisbane* which is situated on the east coast in the state of Queensland. Australia is larger than most people think, have a look

This site is dedicated to my main hobby and outside interests. Number one on the list is, and has been for many years BMW motorcycles. Of course I started on something a bit more sedate, so check out the top part of my personal bike  page.

Tied to this interest is motorcycle travel, long distance / adventure has been at the forefront of my mind ever since I started riding. Long distance I view  say 1700 km in a single day from Brisbane to Cairns, or Brisbane to Melbourne of 1700 plus km in a day aswell. Nowadays I prefer a different long distance journey.

After travelling from Western Europe to Turkey about 8 times, a few years ago, I fulfilled my longstanding dream, to ride from Southern India to Western Europe, via Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany and Holland,. with my friends Peter Goodsir and Charlie Miller. Besides the 1200 odd photographs we took I have some shots of some unusual motorcycles and scooters we encountered , like Enfield diesel motorcycle, a Five person Vespa, an Iranian Trike, pictured in Esphahan made from two motorcycles welded together supporting a lounge chair ! (the picture shows Charlie testing the trike)

There are also some amusing photo's,  something you would only see in India or Pakistan, check the photo's on the India page

Anyone contemplating to do a simular trip read about customs clearance in India, amusing now, but no so at the time.

During the summer of 2000 I completed another 8000 km trip to from Holland to Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Marocco return journey and simular 12000 km trip during 2002, through Germany to Italy, Greece, Turkey and Syria.

Besides having travelled extensively throughout Australia I have visited the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Marocco, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, PapuaNewGuinea, Portugal, Rumania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, The Philipines, Turkey, U.K., USA, Yugoslavia (including what is now Slovenia,Croatia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Macedonia, Servia etc.)

Another long distance traveller, Alexander the Great, links me to another interest of mine which is ancient history. Alexander commanded a great army when he was only 17 years old and conquered what is now known as Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Northern India and Pakistan in circa 330 BC. Having an in depth knowledge of his life and movements throughout these territories gave an added lift during this journey.

Other interests are Genealogy. As I was born in Holland (in the city of Haarlem), I would like to pass on my knowledge of my ancestry to my children or anyone else who is related or has an interest. (details on my family pages)

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What kind of mileage may you expect from your rear tire and your rear shock absorber

This is my experience on both items, to set the stage, I am a long distance steady tourer, who rides with lots of luggage and mostly  I am not a scratcher or a tar burner.


Having tried many different brands and types of tyres I have come to the conclusion that a good road tyre will get you almost anywhere an Enduro type would take you, except in loose sand conditions. For world and long distance travel it is important to seek a reliable brand  and type which will last beyond the planned length of a trip. Over the years I have come across some amazing difference between brands and types, however always remember there will never be a perfect tyre for all conditions. The softer the tyre the better the road holding condition but will wear faster, a harder tyre will last longer but you need to know its limitations especially in cold and/or wet conditions. My worst lasting tyre was the Dunlop K112 which I bought because I could not get anything else, I never expected that it would last me such a short time. (5800 km) On the other hand the Avon road runner I have been testing for more than 25.000 km and have given the best mileage so far, however I need to add that this tYre need to be watched under very cold condition as the compound remains rather hard while the tyre is cold. I will keep you posted. This far it has been a good tire. I use this type on a very rough overland trip though India on one of the worst road I have encountered. The tyre lasted all the way to W-Europe and beyond without damage. (pic. is if the 130/90x17 Avon rear) However in Europe i bought a new Avon which gave me a great deal of problems. At about 15000 km a great chenk of rubber departed the tyre which could have placed my wife and I in a dangerous situation as we were travelling at about 120 km hour on a German autobahn near the border of Denmark. Avon was slow to react but in the end replaced the tyre, however they did not admit fault as this may arise in a claim. (yes it did coast me severel hundred euro's to get home again)  see picture

I have keft a record of tyre wear since 1985 so check this out.

Shock absorber:

The original skocker died a long time ago, it was replaced by a Koni which was rebuild twice and also the worst for wear. The last few years I have been using a Hagon shocker.

The Hagon rear shock has now outlasted the original BMW stock shocker more than 3 times. The original shocker gave out at about 50.000 km. The Hagon has lasted 150.000 km so far. It is therefore that I whole heartedly recommend the Shocker to any world traveler. It would pay to manufacture 4 cm distance ring to be place on top of the spring to give the shocker some extra preload, thereby retaining full (max) travel. If new springs are called for whilst in India or Pakistan they can be locally produced at a 10 US $ a piece, A stronger heavier spring could be made for heavy loaded bike touring two up.

Check out my report on this page

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