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In Istanbul with our friend Yakup

This is my friend Charlie Miller, (65 + )from the end of Feb '97 until May '97 Charlie travelled with me from Australia to India and via Nepal, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria and Germany to Holland. It was a delight to have him around, easy going, compasionate (if it had been up to him we would have spent many more weeks in India so he could bandage up people , diagnose illnesses etc (Charlie worked in a hospital before), and friendly towards the people we met.

In June '97 I had to return to Australia to resume work, Charlie however, stayed in Europe and visited nearly every country, even rode all the way to Northcape, right at the northern tip of Norway.

Charlie does not have a fancy website or stories on the net, instead he just keeps on doing what many people are only dreaming about, that is, to ride his BMW R100GSPD around the world  and at an age of of  65 plus I can only envy him.

Charlie stayed in England during the winter of 2000-2001, in May 2001 he visted me in Holland . I asked Charlie what his plan was. Well I am going to Vladivostock he said casually. A few days later Charlie road of into the opposite side of the sunset to return in September to tell me all about his adventures of his trip to Vladivostock and the border of Northern Korea.

Charlie could be riding anywhere in Europe or northern Africa, so if you see a black BMW R100GSPD with an Australian numberplate have him stop and buy him a cup of coffee. You can send me the bill



Charlie in Russia showing broken shocker