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Bosnia is a place were few people go these days, once you stick to the few rules there is no need to avoid it. The people are friendly if somewhat surprised to see tourist. The mountain areas (nearly all of it) has good roads. Things to avoid are venturing off the road where their are "Mines"signs and entering ruines which can be dangerous. Visiting can be a bit depressing as the scares of the war

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Names of places we heared so often  during the war


Srebrenica- the town were about 7000 moslim men and boys where slaughtered by the Serbs

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Empty houses

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Every house or building is damaged


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The new generation


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Mass grave outside srebrenica with about 7000 graves


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\Archive files of bodies being dug up, identified and re buried


Sign in Sarajevo

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Bosnia country side- some villgae are empty


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The world famous Stari Bridge ready for re opening



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